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 Code Enforcement Services
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Help Protect Lake County's Beautiful Lakes The Code Enforcement Services Division provides fair and equitable enforcement of Lake County Land Development Regulations and the Lake County Code for all citizens of Lake County with the goal of protecting property rights and land value, ensuring health and safety, and encouraging citizens to observe and maintain a higher quality of life.

The Code Enforcement Division responds to a variety of complaints and is responsible for enforcing compliance with the County’s codes and regulations.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • The control of grass and weeds
  • Parking of recreational vehicles, boats, trucks and trailers
  • The accumulation of garbage, trash and debris
  • Occupation of recreational vehicles outside an approved park or campground
  • Abandoned property (including vehicles, furniture, machinery, etc.)
  • Business licenses/Tax Receipts and Zoning Approvals for both commercial and home occupations
  • Inspections of Conditional Uses and installation of required non-residential landscaping
  • Occupational licenses for both commercial and home occupations
  • Ensuring Compliance with irrigation limits

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