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 Lake County Ordinances
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Lake County Ordinances are codified in the Lake County Code. Municipal Code Corporation of Tallahassee, Fla., handles the distribution of the Code for the County. Access the Code at or obtain copies by contacting the Municipal Code Corporation office at

Adopted Ordinances
The following general ordinances have been adopted by the County, but are not yet included in the Code.
Ordinance Number General Subject
Ordinance 2016-25 The ordinance proposes to amending Section 23-21, Lake County Code, regarding Additional Garbage Cart Rules. The purpose of the ordinance is to require non bear-resistant Garbage Carts containing household garbage to be secured from bear intrusion until the Cart is permitted to be placed Curbside for Collection. The ordinance also gives customers the ability to utilize County approved bear resistant garbage carts when available.
Ordinance 2016-16 On January 22, 2016, Lake County received a petition for establishment of a new Community Development District (District or CDD) pursuant to Chapter 190, Florida Statutes. Petitioner Kolter Acquisitions, LLC, wishes to establish the District over the Avalon Groves Planned Unit Development property in order to finance, construct and install improvements and facilities to benefit the property in multiple phases over an estimated ten (10) year period from 2016 to 2026. The Avalon Groves PUD was approved by the Lake County Board of County Commissioners in Ordinance 2012-10, and consists of approximately 971 acres located east of the Sawgrass PUD and west of the Orange County line. Pursuant to Section 190.005(2), Florida Statutes (2015), the exclusive and uniform method for the establishment of a CDD less than 1,000 acres in size shall be pursuant to an ordinance adopted by the county commission of the county having jurisdiction over the majority of land in the area in which the district is to be located. Accordingly, the purpose of this Ordinance is to establish the Avalon Groves Community Development District.
Ordinance 2016-13 The ordinance proposes to amend the Landscaping Standards within Lake County. Specifically, several definitions and Florida Water Star Program criteria are proposed to be included in the landscape update as well as placing irrigation design standards in the Land Development Regulations in an effort to reduce the use of potable water as well as conserve potable water.
Ordinance 2016-12 The purpose of this Ordinance is to extend the North Lake County Hospital District for ten (10) years. The North Lake County Hospital District is by law to dissolve at the end of its fiscal year in 2017. The North Lake County Hospital District is an independent special taxing district created to provide a means to pay for indigent care to the residents who reside in the District. If approved, the District will continue to exist for an additional ten (10) years.
Ordinance 2016-5 This ordinance amends Chapter 9, Section 9-3 of the Lake County Code, regarding the Lake County Public Safety Coordinating Council, to modify the number of members assigned to the Council and to reduce the members required to be present to have a quorum.
Ordinance 2016-4 The purpose of this Ordinance is to update Chapter 6, Lake County Code, regarding the standards for construction in unincorporated Lake County, and the regulation of persons engaged in the construction industry in order to bring the Code into conformance with the Fifth edition of the Florida Building Code.
Ordinance 2015-55 No current regulations apply to temporary portable storage containers within Lake County. This ordinance would define what temporary portable storage containers are as well as regulate temporary portable storage containers, including the location, duration, and numbers of containers allowed on properties within Lake County.
Ordiance 2015-54 This Ordinance allows the Board the ability to use the user fees collected for the operation and administration of Lake County’s Teen Court Program and provides clarity as to the Clerk’s responsibilities in collecting the fees. Although the Board is currently administering teen court, the code currently provides the Clerk is responsible for operating and administering the Teen Court Program.
Ordinance 2015-53 The purpose of this Ordinance is to amend Section 2-24, Lake County Code, regarding the Lake County Investment Policy. The amendments will make the section consistent with Section 218.415, Florida Statutes. There will be no fiscal impact from this change.
Ordinance 2015-52 The purpose of this ordinance is to amend Article III, Chapter 18, Lake County Code, entitled Special Assessments. The amendment serves to establish a set interest rate at prime plus two percent, and over a ten year period. The amendment also brings the Code into alignment with the current special assessment process. There is no fiscal impact.
Ordinance 2015-51 The purpose of this Ordinance is to amend Section 22-40, Lake County Code, entitled Transfer of Impact Fee Credits, to allow for a secondary transfer of impact fee credits in limited circumstances, such as to accommodate the liquidation of an estate or a business. Allowing an additional transfer of impact fee credits will have no fiscal impact on the County.
Proposed Ordinances
The following general ordinances are being proposed but have not yet been adopted by the County, or have been adopted but have not yet been filed with the Secretary of State:
Public Hearing Date(s) General Subject
July 12, 2016 This Ordinance amends Chapter 8, Section 8-2 of the Lake County Code, regarding the jurisdiction and powers of the Lake County Code Enforcement Special Master, to provide that the Special Master has jurisdiction over cases involving alleged violations of terms and conditions set forth in a developer’s agreement, ordinance and settlement agreement resulting from Section 70.51, Florida Statutes special master proceeding.
April 27, 2016 The ordinance proposes to amend the Floodplain Management and Lot Grading standards within unincorporated Lake County. Specifically, the amendment looks to remove Lot Grading from the Floodplain Management Section of Lake County Land Development Regulations and create a separate Lot Grading section. The change is necessary to clarify that the lot grading provisions apply to all property within the unincorporated area rather than to just properties located in flood zones. This ordinance does not change the substantive lot grading provisions.
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