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The data accessed through this Web site provides a visual display of geographical information. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the maps and related data. Lake County makes no warranty, representation or guaranty of the content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the data provided herein. The user of these applications should not rely solely on the data provided herein for any reason. Lake County shall assume no liability for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information provided regardless of how caused. Lake County shall assume no liability for any decisions made or actions taken or not taken by the data furnished on this Web site. To be sure of complete accuracy, please check with County staff for updated Information.

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 Geographic Information Services (GIS)
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The Department of Information Technology, Geographic Information Services Division, deploys geospatial technologies (discipline of gathering, storing, processing and delivery of geographic information) to share and display data in an easy-to-use format.

Lake County Geographic Information System (GIS) has proven to be integral in a variety of public and private decision-making processes. From siting a new fire station to plotting out future land uses, up-to-date geographical data is a valuable tool. read more »

Responsibilities of the Division include maintaining geospatial data in a consolidated, enterprise-wide system, and supplying County offices with geospatial technologies and assistance with maintaining geographic information. Through expert data analysis, the Division’s professional staff presents geographical data in a creative, productive, cost effective and integrated manner.

The strategic goals of the Division are to create a robust GIS, distribute and share geographic information, encourage data distribution among local and state governments, provide GIS solutions to meet customer needs and enhance GIS-related processes to assist in resource management.

GIS technologies are not leveling the playing field but rather leveraging it by adding value, identifying cost savings, and allocating resources more efficiently. GIS technologies are helping people make better decisions.

Lake County municipalities have grown significantly since the county was first established in 1887.

  • Core GIS Data Maintenance Icon
    Core GIS Data Maintenance
    Continually mapping and maintaining:
    • Tax parcels and subdivisions layer with the cooperation of the Property Appraiser's Office
    • Structure locations layer with the cooperation of the Department of Public Safety
    • Streets layer, which is critical for routing, geocoding and street maintenance
    • Annexation boundaries and city limits layers to assist in the fair and equitable distribution of government services
    • Commission districts, hospital districts, voting precincts and government lands layers
    • Zoning boundaries which assists County decision-makers
    • Addressing Function
  • Data Analysis & Modeling Icon
    Data Analysis & Modeling
    Examples of work:
    • 2010 Commission Districts - Used 2010 Census population data to reconfigure Lake County Commission Districts to ensure equitable representation of all citizens.
    • Neighborhood Stabilization Project — Identified areas with the greatest percentage of homes in foreclosure, areas with the highest percentage of homes financed by subprime mortgages and areas where a significant rise in the rate of home foreclosures is likely
    • Future Land Use — Geographical data with current and projected populations helps to determine long-term growth and expected service needs
    • Zoning and Permitting (ZapMap Application) — Expedites growth management processes
    • Lake County LIDAR/Contour Acquisition Project — Flood Plain Mapping Modeling & Analysis (potential flood plain evacuation modeling); Stormwater Engineering Utilization; Construction Project Design Utilization; and Elevation Data Modeling
    • Emergency Operation Center Support — Provide maps and data to assist first responders in locating, understanding and mitigating emergency situations; and assisting in damage assessment by identifying damaged properties for taxing and funding purposes
    • US National Grid (USNG) Map Book Initiative — This State Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan project will ensure a uniform grid mapping system-US National Grid (USNG), across cities and counties in Florida, and will match the system used by the National Guard, the US Coast Guard and the US military when they are deployed into our state.
    • GIS/Cartegraph Integration – Merging geometric data with asset management to streamline workflows and better manage county assets.
    • Fire Response Zones Creation-Provide analysis to assist with this critical public service of establishing fire response zones.  This assists with the Fire Rescue’s Standard of Cover  and Community Risk Assessment.
  • Geocoding & Routing Icon
    Geocoding & Routing
    Examples of work:
    • Fire Rescue Response Boundaries
      Reduces emergency response times
    • Hydrant Location
      Helps lower insurance rates for property owners
    • EMS Dispatch
      Working with emergency responders
    • E911 & Reverse 911 Locating
      Provides location and direction information for emergency response and notification
    • Sheriff's Office-Dispatch (CAD) System
      Location information for emergency response
  • Map Creation Icon
    Map Creation & Data Sharing
    A collection of dozens of interactive and static maps:
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