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 Sharps Disposal Program
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Lake County's program to assist residents with safe disposal of medical needles

Residents of Lake County can visit their nearest designated Lake County fire station to pick up a free Voyager container that allows for the safe disposal of biohazardous medical waste, such as syringes with attached needles and disposable lancets. Fire stations designated as container pickup sites can be found on the SHARPS Program Brochure.

The Sharps Disposal Program was established in January 2006. The Lake County Public Safety Department provides this community outreach service in partnership with Central Florida Health Alliance [CFHA]. According to CFHA, Sharps are just one category of biohazardous waste, which includes needles, scalpel blades, glass and pipettes that are used or contaminated with body fluids.

Voyager containers have been distributed to County fire stations throughout the unincorporated area.. The containers are safe and easy for residents to use and also prevent the potential of Sharps puncturing or lacerating waste management workers or others who handle household trash.

By placing a syringe in the container and twisting the top, the Voyager safely disposes of the used needle and a small portion of the syringe. The process destroys the disposable syringe preventing any possible reuse or needle-stick injuries.

A container can hold more than 120 individual 1cc insulin syringe needles and accepts most lancets, and functions with all brands of insulin syringes. Unlike most containers that require special disposal, the Voyager container is safe to throw away with household trash.

Residents who cannot afford to purchase Sharps disposal containers at local pharmacies are encouraged to participate in the Lake County Sharps Disposal Program. For more information about the program, call Assistant Chief Jack Fillman, Lake County Fire Rescue Administration, at (352) 343-9458.

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