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 Public Works Contacts
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Public Works Eustis Location
Phone: 352-483-9000
Fax: 352-483-9015

Mailing Address:
437 Ardice Ave.
Eustis, FL 32726

Physical Address:
437 Ardice Ave.
Eustis, FL 32726

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Parking Map (PDF)
Name Title Email Phone
Jim Stivender, Jr. Public Works Director Email Jim Stivender, Jr. 352-483-9005
Lori Conway Road Operations Division Manager Email Lori Conway 352-343-6439
Eric Cotsenmoyer Mosquito & Aquatic Plant Management Programs Manager Email Eric Cotsenmoyer 352-343-9419
Mary Hamilton Environmental Services Manager Email Mary Hamilton 352-483-9006
Skip McCall Solid Waste Division Manager Email Skip McCall 352-253-1670
Eric Anderson Senior Landfill Supervisor Email Eric Anderson 352-253-1680
Gary Debo Operations and Compliance Coordinator Email Gary Debo 352-253-1666
Cindy Heffler Assessment and Customer Service Supervisor Email Cindy Heffler 352-253-1673
Denis Dietz Traffic Operations Supervisor Email Denis Dietz 352-742-1766
Mike TerMeer Senior Landfill Supervisor Email Mike TerMeer 352-253-1674
Julius Anderson Landfill Attendant No email address 352-253-1674
Robert Baker Contracts Technician Email Robert Baker 352-343-6439
Dee Baltazar Senior Landfill Attendant No email address 352-253-1675
Natali Bautista Office Associate II Email Natali Bautista 352-787-0074
David Berger Area Maintenance Supervisor Email David Berger 352-394-2559
Michelle Bilbrey Permitting Technician II / Construction Inspection Email Michelle Bilbrey 352-483-9020
Jim Bridgewater, Jr. Biological Associate Email Jim Bridgewater, Jr. 352-343-9419
Karen Burt Office Associate III Email Karen Burt 352-343-6439
Cathie Catasus Laboratory Supervisor Email Cathie Catasus 352-253-1659
Morgan Cates Assistant Area Maintenance Supervisor Email Morgan Cates 352-787-0074
Janice Cavanaugh Landfill Attendant No email address 352-253-1674
Bob Chase Survey Technician II No email address 352-483-9000
Mario Chatman Environmental Technician No email address 352-253-1685
Russell Cheatham Biological Associate Email Russell Cheatham 352-343-9419
Delores Collins Office Associate II Email Delores Collins 352-253-1651
Patricia Cotoia Office Associate V Email Patricia Cotoia 352-253-1653
Kathy Jo Craig Office Associate III Email Kathy Jo Craig 352-253-1672
Cindy Davis Right-Of-Way Agent II Email Cindy Davis 352-483-9064
Randy Dean Area Maintenance Supervisor Email Randy Dean 352-669-2814
Gretchen DeLibro Financial Associate Email Gretchen DeLibro 352-483-9004
J.D. Dinsmore Landfill Attendant No email address 352-253-1674
Ben Driver Stormwater Inspector II Email Ben Driver 352-483-9090
Jacqui Droz Senior CAD Technician Email Jacqui Droz 352-483-9036
CJ Eaton Office Associate III Email CJ Eaton 352-483-9061
Salena Farrell Senior Landfill Attendant No email address 352-253-1675
Vicki Gesinski Cad Technician Email Vicki Gesinski 352-483-9087
Rebecca Grimm Right-Of-Way Technician Email Rebecca Grimm 352-483-9068
Patti Harker Right-Of-Way Manager Email Patti Harker 352-483-9067
Denise Haynes Office Associate II Email Denise Haynes 352-394-2559
Sharon Hogan Stormwater Technician Email Sharon Hogan 352-483-9081
Jeff Johnson Roads Superintendent Email Jeff Johnson 352-343-6439
December Johnson Senior Landfill Attendant No email address 352-253-1675
Charlie Kent Area Maintenance Supervisor Email Charlie Kent 352-787-0074
Lonnie Kinzer Map Services Technician Email Lonnie Kinzer 352-483-9069
Alan Kirkland Engineer IV Email Alan Kirkland 352-483-9043
Steve Lee Assistant Area Maintenance Supervisor Email Steve Lee 352-669-2814
Sharon Lewis Engineer III Email Sharon Lewis 352-483-9050
Zoraida Lopez Landfill Attendant No email address 352-253-1674
Seth Lynch Engineer II Email Seth Lynch 352-483-9052
Paterno Magno, Jr Engineer III Email Paterno Magno, Jr 352-483-9053
Dolly Malburg Landfill Attendant No email address 352-253-1674
Deb Marchese Construction Program Specialist / Construction Inspection Email Deb Marchese 352-483-9007
Sidney Martin Stormwater Inspector I Email Sidney Martin 352-483-9083
Cheryl Martin Office Associate III Email Cheryl Martin 352-483-9048
Heath McArdle Construction Inspector II Email Heath McArdle 352-483-9023
Nicholas Mcray Stormwater Project Manager Email Nicholas Mcray 352-483-9080
Debbie Miller Office Associate III Email Debbie Miller 352-343-9419
Ginnie Moorhead Right-Of-Way Agent I Email Ginnie Moorhead 352-483-9066
Khanh Nguyen Roadway Designer II Email Khanh Nguyen 352-483-9047
Wendell Nichols Assistant Area Maintenance Supervisor Email Wendell Nichols 352-394-2559
Noble Olasimbo Engineer IV Email Noble Olasimbo 352-483-9092
Ross Pluta Engineer III Email Ross Pluta 352-483-9041
Rajaram Prathabsingh Maintenance Worker No email address 352-253-1674
Brenda Press Contracting Officer I Email Brenda Press 352-343-6439
Mary Roberts Office Associate IV Email Mary Roberts 352-253-1655
Richard Roof Senior Laboratory Analyst Email Richard Roof 352-253-1661
Brad Russ Aquatic Biologist Email Brad Russ 352-343-9419
Fred Schneider Engineering Director/PE Email Fred Schneider 352-483-9045
Craig Scott Entomologist/Supervisor Email Craig Scott 352-343-9419
Jimmy Scott, Jr. Construction Inspection Supervisor Email Jimmy Scott, Jr. 352-483-9024
Isaias Sepulveda Laboratory Field Associate Email Isaias Sepulveda 352-253-1659
Roy Shores II Senior CAD Technician Email Roy Shores II 352-483-9046
Sheila Sinclair Landfill Attendant No email address 352-253-1674
Tina Smith Senior Landfill Attendant No email address 352-253-1680
Katrina Spann Right-Of-Way Agent II Email Katrina Spann 352-483-9062
Jacob Stanley Environmental Waste Technician No email address 352-253-1680
Don Stewart Survey Technician II No email address 352-483-9040
Susan Taylor Senior Landfill Attendant No email address 352-253-1675
Johnny Taylor Hazardous Waste Coordinator Email Johnny Taylor 352-253-1684
Debi Tinis Financial Coordinator Email Debi Tinis 352-483-9004
Kent Tombow Field Inspector Email Kent Tombow 352-253-1679
Brenda Tweed Maintenance Worker No email address (352)253-1674
Justin Walker Biological Associate Email Justin Walker 352-343-9419
Treeva Wall Office Associate III Email Treeva Wall 352-669-2814
Temia Wilkins Database Administrator/Program Manager Email Temia Wilkins 352-343-6439
Kathy Wilson Office Associate III Email Kathy Wilson 352-742-1766
Timothy Daubert Stormwater Inspector II Email Timothy Daubert 352-483-9084
Paul Erickson Construction Inspector I Email Paul Erickson 352-483-9021
Dontrel Lewis Roads Maintenance Operator No email address 352-787-0074
Marlin Wise Solid Waste Superintendent No email address 352-253-1664
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