November 02, 2010

Welton G. Cadwell, Chairman Sanford A. Minkoff, Interim County Manager
Elaine Renick, Vice Chairman Neil Kelly, Clerk to the Board
Jennifer Hill, District #1 Melanie Marsh, Acting County Attorney
Jimmy Conner, District #3  
Linda Stewart, District #4  






This booklet has been prepared for the convenience of the Board of County Commissioners in discussing matters before them. Every effort has been made to include all items to be discussed at this Board of County Commissioners meeting, however, Commissioners may add items, which are not a part of this Agenda, or items may be removed from consideration. While it has been the goal to present error-free information, we do not represent that documentation is without errors or omissions.

In addition to regular Board meetings, the Board of County Commissioners may, from time to time, schedule a workshop during which they will receive information from staff, have discussions with staff and among themselves, and then proceed to give staff direction on the subject matter being discussed unless otherwise shown on the Agenda item. These discussions and workshops do not take the place of the formal public hearing process during which any member of the public may comment and formal action is taken.

The Board and staff welcome written comments prior to workshops and other meetings. If you have comments or questions regarding the subject matter of any Board action or workshop, please deliver your written comments to appropriate County staff or mail to the Board of County Commissioners, Post Office Box 7800, Tavares, FL 32778.




November 02, 2010

9:00 A.M. Invocation
  Pledge of Allegiance
  Discussion regarding proposed revisions to today's Agenda.
Tab 1 Approval of the following Minutes:
  • September 21, 2010 (Regular Meeting)

At this point in the meeting the Board of County Commissioners will hear questions, comments and concerns from the citizens. If the issue raised is not on today’s agenda, action will not be taken by the Board at this meeting unless the Board votes to add the item to today’s agenda. Questions may be answered by staff, or referred for appropriate staff action. If further action is necessary, the item may be placed on a future Board agenda.

Zoning and code enforcement matters cannot be discussed during the public comment period. Procurement matters not scheduled to be heard by the Board today also cannot be discussed during the public comment period.

Public comment shall be limited to 3 minutes per person.
Tab 2 Approval of Clerk of Courts' Consent Agenda (Items 1 through 7)


List of warrants paid prior to this meeting, pursuant to Chapter 136.06 (1) of the of the Florida Statutes, which shall be incorporated into the Minutes as attached Exhibit A and filed in the Board Support Division of the Clerk's Office.


Recommendation:  Acknowledge Receipt



Annual meeting schedule for the Central Lake Community Development District for Fiscal Year 2011 in accordance with Chapter 189.417, Florida Statutes.


Recommendation:  Acknowledge Receipt



Annual meeting schedule for the Founders Ridge Community Development District for Fiscal Year 2011 in accordance with Chapter 189.417, Florida Statutes.


Recommendation:  Acknowledge Receipt



Copy of Lake County Water Authority’s Final Budget for 2010-2011.       


Recommendation:  Acknowledge Receipt 



Resolution 2010-10-17 from the City of Groveland supporting an amendment to the Interlocal Agreement creating the Lake-Sumter MPO to allow for an increased number of voting representatives.


Recommendation:  Acknowledge Receipt



Resolution 2010-10-16 from the City of Groveland supporting Lake County Impact Fee Benefit Districts as currently provided for in Chapter 22 of the Lake County Code and opposing an amendment to reduce the number of districts and to reconfigure the districts.


Recommendation:  Acknowledge Receipt



Southwest Florida Water Management District Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Budget-in-Brief.


Recommendation:  Acknowledge Receipt

County Manager
 Tab 3Request authorization to fill ten (10) positions in Public Resources (seven (7) full-time positions and three (3) part-time positions) as follows: one (1) Senior Library Assistant position, two (2) Librarian II positions, four (4) Library Assistant positions (full-time); and three (3) Library Assistant positions (part-time). The total fiscal impact for these ten positions is $315,490.00.
 Tab 4Request authorization to fill three (3) positions in Public Works/Road Operations Division; two (2) Equipment Operator I positions and one (1) Road Maintenance Operator position. (The total fiscal impact for these three positions is $98,380.00.)
Economic Development And Community Svc
 Tab 5Approval and signature authorization of a Proclamation recognizing November 9, 2010 as Lake County Senior Appreciation Day. There is no fiscal impact.
Fiscal And Administrative Services
 Tab 6It is recommended that the Board (1) declare the items on the attached list(s) surplus to County needs, (2) authorize the removal of all of the items on the attached lists from the County’s official fixed asset inventory system records, and (3) authorize the Procurement Services Director or designee to sign vehicle titles. (No Fiscal Impact)
 Tab 7Approve Check Request (Direct Pay) from the Sheriff's Office for Law Enforcement Trust Fund expense reimbursement. Fiscal impact is $31,160.45.
Information Technology
 Tab 8Approval and execution of Proclamation for GIS Day on November 17, 2010.
Public Resources
 Tab 9Staff requests retroactive approval to apply for and accept grant funding, if awarded, from the Gopher Tortoise Habitat Management Assistance Funding Opportunity through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). No Fiscal Impact.
 Tab 10Approval of Lake County Library System Technology Plan for 2011-2014. No fiscal impact.
Public Safety
 Tab 11Approval and execution of: (1) Memorandum of Agreement for Participating Orlando Urban Areas Securities Initiative (UASI) Agencies by the Lake County Board of County Commissioners; and appointment of the Lake County Emergency Management Director as the primary representative for Lake County to the UASI Working Group; and (2) Authorization for the County Manager to sign future amendments/modifications that do not involve financial impact.
 Tab 12Approval and execution of: (1) Modification #4 to Agreement with the State of Florida, Division of Emergency Management, to extend the expiration date for Federal funds awarded for the Lake County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) project; and (2) authorization for the County Manager to sign future amendments/modifications that do not involve financial impact. This Agreement provides revenue for the EOC Construction Project.
 Tab 13Approval and execution of: (1) Hazards Analysis Grant Agreement with the State of Florida, Division of Emergency Management; and (2) authorization for the County Manager to sign future amendments/modifications that do not involve financial impact. This Agreement provides revenue to the Emergency Management Division. No local match is required.
 Tab 14Approval and execution of: (1) Emergency Management Preparedness and Assistance (EMPA) Trust Fund Base Grant Agreement with the State of Florida, Division of Emergency Management; and (2) authorization for the County Manager to sign future amendments/modifications that do not involve financial impact.
Public Works
 Tab 15Approve and accept the attached list of public right of way deeds that have been secured in conjunction with roadway and / or stormwater projects. There is no fiscal impact. Commission Districts ( 1, 2, 4, 5)
 Tab 16Request approval to Execute the Local Agency Program Supplemental Agreement between Lake County and Florida Department of Transportation (FPN # 428519-1-58-01) for CR-48, Project No. 2010-14, Bid No. 10-0023, and execute Resolution to amend the Federal/State Grants Fund to receive unanticipated revenue for FY 2011. (Fiscal Impact: $192,400) Commission District #3
 Tab 17

Request authorization to award #1350 Citrus Tower Blvd Intersection with Oakley Seaver Drive Project No. 2010-24, Bid No. 11-0005, to Chinchor Electric, Inc. in the amount of $161,784.40, and encumber and expend funds in the amount of $161,784.40 from the Fed/State Grants/LAP & ARRA – Infrastructure - Construction Fund. Commission District 2. (Fiscal impact:

$ 161,784.40)

 Tab 18Approval and chairman's signature on the attached interlocal agreement between the City of Tavares and Lake County to utilize Lake County's contracted debris-hauling company(s) and monitoring consultant to collect and dispose of eligible disaster debris from the public streets and rights-of-way of the Municipality. Fiscal impact is uncertain at this time as it will depend on the severity of the disaster.
 Tab 19Recommend the Board approve award of ITB# 10-0820 for Leachate Disposal and/or Transportation Services to T. Wayne Hill Trucking Inc, Bartow, Florida for Option 1, Transportation Services only; Liquid Environmental Solutions, LLC, Jacksonville, FL for Option 2, Disposal Services; and Aqua Clean Environmental Co. Inc., Lakeland and Tampa FL for Option 3, Disposal and Transportation Services. (Fiscal Impact: $580,500.00 - estimated)
 Tab 20Request approval of Railroad Reimbursement Agreement, Grade Crossing Traffic Control Devices – County, between the Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Central Railroad Company, Inc. and Lake County, and request approval to execute supporting resolution. Commission District 5. Fiscal impact is $151,262.
 Tab 21Award Contract 10-0819 to Beach Construction Company, Inc., Gainesville, Florida to replace the leachate tanks at the Lake County Central Landfill in Tavares. (Fiscal Impact: $276,000.00).
 Tab 22Approve Clermont's request for Lake County to provide 1/3 match totalling $3,200.00 towards the engineering services, to evaluate alternatives for the Hooks Street Drainage Improvements Project. The other 1/3 will be funded by the Lake County Water Authority. Commission District 2 (Fiscal Impact: $3,200.00)
Tab 23Approval of Purchase Agreement with Ford of Clermont, Inc. for needed right of way in conjunction with the Hooks St. Phase IV Segment B Project in the Clermont area. Also request to advertise for bids for the construction of the project. (Fiscal Impact: $352,850.00)
Tab 24Approval of agreement between Lake County and Magnolia Pointe Homeowners' Association, Inc. for Traffic Law Enforcement on Private Roads. No Fiscal Impact.




Katherine Baker, Accounting Technician                                                                                      

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


April Brooks, Animal Control Officer                                                                                       

Conservation & Compliance/Animal Services


Ryan Carroll, Firefighter/EMT                                                                                                

Public Safety/Fire Rescue      


Timothy Delaney, Fire Lieutenant/Paramedic                                                                               

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Ryan Dupont, Fire Lieutenant/EMT                                                                                      

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Brandon Eason, Firefighter/Paramedic                                                                                         

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Jason Graham, Firefighter/Paramedic                                                                                    

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Mark Green, Firefighter/EMT                                                                                                

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Steven Harris, Equipment Operator IV                                                                                      

Public Works/Solid Waste Operations


Thomas Livingston, Firefighter/EMT                                                                                    

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Michael McClelland, Firefighter/Paramedic                                                                          

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Dennis Nitzel, Firefighter/EMT                                                                                                    

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Stanley Priester, Firefighter/EMT                                                                                          

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Jared Rable, Firefighter/EMT                                                                                                

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Eric Sanderson, Firefighter/Paramedic                                                                                     

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Alejandro Vera Medina, Library Page                                                                                       

Public Resources/Library Services


Jacob Wiley, Firefighter/EMT                                                                                                     

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Dane Wilson, Firefighter/EMT                                                                                                    

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Kelley Wright, Animal Control Officer                                                                                     

Conservation & Compliance/Animal Services



Scott Grippin, Aquatic Biologist/Supervisor                                                                         

Public Works/Funding & Production/Mosquito & Aquatic Plant Management


Tracy Isbill, Lead Permitting Specialist                                                                                         

Growth Management/Building Services



Ricky Magnus, Sign & Striping Technician                                                                           

Public Works/Engineering/Signs, Signals & Striping


Terry Rodgers, Systems Administrator                                                                                         

Circuit Judges/Court Administration


Ronald Searcy, Striping Crew Leader                                                                                          

Public Works/Engineering/Signs, Signals & Striping



John Bringard, Senior Contract Officer                                                                                        

Public Works/Road Operations



Sherie Ross, Public Hearing Coordinator                                                                                    

Growth Management/Planning & Community Design



Vicki Kochevar                                                                                              

Public Works/Solid Waste/Solid Waste Programs



Kathy Edwards, Fire Lieutenant/EMT

Public Safety/Fire Rescue



Sue Carroll, GIS Project Manager

Geographic Information Services/Information Technology



Ron Cobbs, Anthony Moore, Leon Platt and Rob Richardson






Tab 25

Presentation to Commissioner Renick and Commissioner Stewart



Tab 26

Presentation by Sheriff Borders to Commissioner Stewart and Commissioner Renick


Tab 27

Approval and signature of the proclamation declaring November 15, 2010 as Lake County Recycles Day and allow the Tavares Elementary School students to give a presentation in show of their support for America Recycles Day.





Tab 28

Appointment of an individual to the Solid Waste Alternatives Task Force.


Tab 29

Appointment of one consumer member to the Board of Building Examiners to fill vacant unexpired term ending 1/14/2013.






County Attorney




County Manager




Commissioner Hill - District #1




Commissioner Renick - Vice Chairman and District #2




Commissioner Conner - District #3




Commissioner Stewart - District #4




Commissioner Cadwell - Chairman and District #5



The County Commission reserves the right to move any Agenda item to an earlier time during the day as its schedule permits, except in the case of items and appointments that have been advertised in a newspaper for a specific time.



Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 286, Florida Statutes, Section 286.0105, if a person decides to appeal any decision made by the County Commission with respect to any matter considered at this Commission meeting, he or she will need a record of the proceedings, and that, for such purpose, he or she may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record may include the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.


Persons with disabilities needing assistance to participate in any of these proceeding should contact the Department of Facilities Development and Management at (352) 343-9760, 48 hours in advance of the scheduled meeting.