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 Economic Growth Contacts
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Lake County Administrative Building
Phone: 352-343-9647

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 7800
Tavares, FL 32778-7800

Physical Address:
315 W. Main St.
Tavares, FL 32778

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Name Title Email Phone
Robert Chandler Economic Growth Director Email Robert Chandler 352-742-3905
Janie Barron Associate Planner Email Janie Barron 352-343-9641
Donna Bohrer Public Hearing Coordinator Email Donna Bohrer 352-343-9641
Karen Chester Associate Planner Email Karen Chester 352-343-9641
Shane Gerwig Building Services Manager Email Shane Gerwig 352-343-9655
Dawn Greene Senior Building Inspector Email Dawn Greene 352-636-5570
Steve Greene Chief Planner Email Steve Greene 352-343-9773
Glen Guzman Licensing Investigator Email Glen Guzman 352-343-9653
Kevin Hamilton G.I.S. Analyst Email Kevin Hamilton 352-343-9641
Rick Hartenstein, Jr. Senior Planner Email Rick Hartenstein, Jr. 352-343-9641
Kimberly Haskins Office Associate III Email Kimberly Haskins 352-343-9641
Melving Isaac-Jimenez Senior Planner Email Melving Isaac-Jimenez 352-343-9641
Michele Janiszewski Planner Email Michele Janiszewski 352-343-9641
Danielle Larsen Fire Inspector Email Danielle Larsen 352-343-9653
Fred Martin Senior Plans Examiner Email Fred Martin 352-343-9653
Ruth Mitchell Associate Planner Email Ruth Mitchell 352-343-9641
Sheila Short Senior Planner Email Sheila Short 352-343-9641
Adam Sumner Economic Development & Tourism Manager Email Adam Sumner 352-742-3904
Jessica Woods Permitting Technician II Email Jessica Woods 352-343-9653
Adam Ashton Sports Development & Tourism Coordinator Email Adam Ashton 352-742-3919
Danny Bass Senior Building Inspector Email Danny Bass 352-552-5239
Traci Bates Permitting Technician II Email Traci Bates 352-343-9653
August Brammeier Permitting Technician II Email August Brammeier 352-343-9653
Brenda DeMartino Office Associate V Email Brenda DeMartino 352-742-3918
Debi Dyer Tourism Program Supervisor Email Debi Dyer 352-742-3924
Jack Gangi Senior Building Inspector Email Jack Gangi 352-630-9485
Candace Green Public Hearing Associate Email Candace Green 352-253-6120
Raymond Hallworth Senior Building Inspector Email Raymond Hallworth 352-638-0198
Mary Harris Program Specialist Email Mary Harris 352-343-9855
Justin Hunsberger Senior Building Inspector Email Justin Hunsberger 352-636-5608
Britney Hutto Permitting Technician I Email Britney Hutto 352-343-9653
Jesse King Senior Building Inspector Email Jesse King 352-636-5586
Ann Kinsey Plans Examiner Email Ann Kinsey 352-343-9653
Deborah Kohler Permitting Supervisor Email Deborah Kohler 352-343-9653
Loretta Krzastek Chief Fire Inspector/Plans Examiner Email Loretta Krzastek 352-636-5572
Jessica Leady Office Associate V Email Jessica Leady 352-343-9655
Tony Lopresto Building Services Supervisor Email Tony Lopresto 352-343-9653
Eva Lora Permitting Technician I Email Eva Lora 352-343-9653
Carl Lynch Senior Building Inspector Email Carl Lynch 352-434-8456
Tim McClendon Chief Planner Email Tim McClendon 352-343-9774
Debby Padgett Plans Examiner Email Debby Padgett 352-343-9653
Kathy Pagan Financial Analyst Email Kathy Pagan 352-343-9642
Ashley Porter Permitting Technician I Email Ashley Porter 352-343-9653
Christine Rice Planner Email Christine Rice 352-343-9641
Tom Romboli Senior Building Inspector Email Tom Romboli 352-343-9653
Joann Sala Licensing Investigator Email Joann Sala 352-343-9653
Jeff Sandy Chief Plans Examiner Email Jeff Sandy 352-343-9653
Sally Sikora Permitting Technician I Email Sally Sikora 352-343-9653
Paul Simmons Economic Business Relations Manager Email Paul Simmons 352-343-9641
Samuel Weekley Economic Development & Tourism Coordinator Email Samuel Weekley 352-742-3920
Bill Wilburth Senior Building Inspector Email Bill Wilburth 352-630-8407
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