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 Public Resources Contacts
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Public Resources Building
Hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: 352-253-6150
Fax: 352-253-6184

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 7800
Tavares, FL 32778

Physical Address:
2401 Woodlea Road
Tavares, FL 32778

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Name Title Email Phone Ext
Roberto Bonilla Parks & Trails Division Manager Email Roberto Bonilla 352-253-4950
Dwayne Henry Parks & Trails Program Manager Email Dwayne Henry 352-742-3864
Wendy Poag Recreation Coordinator Email Wendy Poag 352-742-3867
Gallus Quigley,Jr Recreation Coordinator Email Gallus Quigley,Jr 352-516-8512
Jenny Born Office Associate IV Email Jenny Born 352-253-4950
Grace Burgos Financial Analyst Email Grace Burgos 352-253-4950 3868
Christopher Macdonald Construction Inspector II Email Christopher Macdonald 352-253-4950
Dominic Zawilski Construction Inspector I Email Dominic Zawilski 352-267-6633
Shane Strew Recreation Coordinator Email Shane Strew 352-516-4916
Marcia Robinson Chief Maintenance Supervisor Email Marcia Robinson 352-552-4296
Melving Isaac-Jimenez Engineer II Email Melving Isaac-Jimenez 352-638-3025
Robin Davis Trades Crew Leader Email Robin Davis 352-630-7946
Robert DeMola Trades Crew Leader Email Robert DeMola 352-630-2101
John O'Malley Trades Crew Leader Email John O'Malley 352-638-6602
Brian Ramsundarsingh Trades Crew Leader Email Brian Ramsundarsingh 352-267-6631
Lonnell Richardson Trades Crew Leader Email Lonnell Richardson 352-638-2136
Larry Robinson Trades Crew Leader Email Larry Robinson 352-267-2331
Jeffrey Wilson Trades Crew Leader Email Jeffrey Wilson 352-516-4282
Dondre Collins Park Ranger No email address 352-253-4950
Terri Pietroburgo Park Ranger Email Terri Pietroburgo 352-253-4950
Justin Pouloit Park Ranger Email Justin Pouloit 352-516-7011
Cobrettie Garner Park Attendant Email Cobrettie Garner 352-253-4950
Chasity Ibarra Park Attendant No email address 352-253-4950
Boyd Bruce Regional Branch Manager Email Boyd Bruce 352-536-2275
Pam Goodson Branch Supervisor Email Pam Goodson 352-429-5840
Ron Moore Branch Supervisor Email Ron Moore 352-669-1001
Linda Goff Youth Services Coordinator Email Linda Goff 352-253-6169
Karen Gouker Office Associate IV Email Karen Gouker 352-253-6166
Donna Gray-Williams Technical Services Manager Email Donna Gray-Williams 352-253-6161
Lynda Hogans Administrative Assistant Email Lynda Hogans 352-536-2275
Beth Lucas Head of Reference Email Beth Lucas 352-536-2275
Mary Pfeifer Library Assistant Email Mary Pfeifer 352-253-6180
Claudia Piper Branch Supervisor Email Claudia Piper 352-243-1840
Dennis Smolarek Reference Librarian Email Dennis Smolarek 352-536-2275
Amy Stultz Head of Youth Services Email Amy Stultz 352-536-2275
Eli Allison Library Assistant No email address 352-536-2275
Scott Amey Library Assistant II Email Scott Amey 352-383-9980
Esther Catino Library Assistant Email Esther Catino 352-536-2275
Amy Hand Library Assistant Email Amy Hand 352-536-2275
Cindy Harman Library Assistant Email Cindy Harman 352-243-1840
Casey Knudsen Library I Email Casey Knudsen 352-243-1840
Kathy Oberg Library Assistant Email Kathy Oberg 352-243-1840
Lisa Piper Library Assistant Email Lisa Piper 352-536-2275
Elise Rainey Senior Library Assistant Email Elise Rainey 352-669-1001
Maria Ramirez Children's Library Assistant Email Maria Ramirez 352-429-5840
Josie Rodriguez Library Assistant/Children's Assistant Email Josie Rodriguez 352-243-1840
Sherry Scheller Library Assistant Email Sherry Scheller 352-669-1001
Colleen Smith Library Technician Email Colleen Smith 352-536-2275
Michael Springer Library Assistant Email Michael Springer 352-383-9980
Peggy Stassie Library Assistant Email Peggy Stassie 352-243-1840
Elizabeth Steele Library Assistant No email address 352-383-9980
Aaron Taylor Library Assistant No email address 352-536-2275
Margaret Unger Library Assistant No email address 352-759-9913
John Reynolds Library Page No email address 352-669-1001
Ralph Rousseau Library Page No email address 352-243-1840
Daniel Bowden Security Guard No email address 352-357-9692
Adam Boykin Mobile Irrigation Specialist Email Adam Boykin 352-742-7005 125
Patty Fletcher Office Associate IV Email Patty Fletcher 352-253-1646
Andrea Gehringer Librarian II Email Andrea Gehringer 352-536-2275
Donna Grant Office Associate II Email Donna Grant 352-742-6590
John Heffler Senior Maintenance Worker No email address 352-343-4101
James Helms Security Guard No email address 352-357-9692
Sharon McParland Office Associate III Email Sharon McParland 352-357-9692
Larry Nuss Laborer No email address 352-357-9692
Helena Osborne-Ponsi Volunteer Coordinator Email Helena Osborne-Ponsi 352-742-6590
Juanita Popenoe Multi County Fruit Crops Agent Email Juanita Popenoe 352-343-4101 2727
Jane Reich Office Associate V Email Jane Reich 352-253-6150
Tom Rose Fairgrounds Aide No email address 352-357-9692
Cole Scharlau Expo Center/Fairgrounds Program Manager Email Cole Scharlau 352-357-9692
Robert Stewart Laborer No email address 352-357-9692
Ava Barrett Library Services Division Manager No email address
Jeremiah Barrett Roads Maintenance Operator No email address
Douglas Bert Delivery Service Driver/Operator No email address
Brett Bertelsen Library Assistant I No email address
Kailtin Canterbury Library Assistant I No email address
Dallas Daniels 4-H Agent Email Dallas Daniels 352-343-4101 2724
Dallas Daniels Extension Agent I No email address
Sonia Garner Office Associate I No email address
Margaret Jarrell Office Associate V Email Margaret Jarrell 352-343-4101 2719
Robert Kuster Park Attendant No email address
Keri Lyttle Program Specialist Email Keri Lyttle 352-429-5840
Megan Mann Livestock/Natural Resources Agent Email Megan Mann 352-343-4101 2728
Carol March Accounting Technician No email address 352-742-3963
Brook Moffis Residential Horticulture Agent Email Brook Moffis 352-343-4101 2713
Ronald Musgrave HLC Gardens Landscape Tech No email address
Molly Newcomb Librarian No email address
Sean Okeefe Support Services Manager No email address
Jennifer Reynard Office Associate III No email address
JuWanda Rowell Office Associate III Email JuWanda Rowell 352-343-4101 2719
Lloyd Singleton Commercial Horticulture/Interim CED Email Lloyd Singleton 352-343-4101 2729
Migdalia Smith Library Assistant I No email address
Quincy Smoth Park Ranger No email address
Kenneth Sutton Laborer No email address
Amy Thompson Library Assistant I Email Amy Thompson 352-536-2275
Daniel Velez Rubio Branch Supervisor No email address
Kaitlyn Wentworth Library Assistant I No email address
Mia Wilchcombe Family and Consumer Sciences Agent Email Mia Wilchcombe 352-343-4101 2721
Bobbi Wilt Park Attendant No email address
Nick Zurasky Mobile Irrigation Specialist Email Nick Zurasky 352-742-7005 129
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