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 Public Resources Contacts
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Public Resources Building
Hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Phone: 352-253-6150
Fax: 352-253-6184

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 7800
Tavares, FL 32778

Physical Address:
2401 Woodlea Road
Tavares, FL 32778

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Name Title Email Phone Ext
Roberto Bonilla Office of Parks & Trails Director Email Roberto Bonilla 352-253-4950
George Taylor Office of Library Services Director Email George Taylor 352-253-6180
Dwayne Henry Office of Parks & Trails Program Manager Email Dwayne Henry 352-742-3864
Linda Goff Youth Services Program Specialist Email Linda Goff 352-253-6169
Wendy Poag Recreation Coordinator Email Wendy Poag 352-742-3867
Keri Lyttle Outreach Program Specialist Email Keri Lyttle 352-253-6164
Gallus Quigley,Jr Recreation Coordinator Email Gallus Quigley,Jr 352-516-8512
Carol March Accounting Technician Email Carol March 352-253-6168
Grace Burgos Financial Analyst Email Grace Burgos 352-742-3868 3868
Sean O'Keefe Support Services Manager Email Sean O'Keefe 352-253-6160
Krissy Spilliard Office Associate IV Email Krissy Spilliard 352-253-6180
Doug Bert Courier Email Doug Bert 352-267-9375
Christopher Macdonald Construction Inspector II Email Christopher Macdonald 352-253-4950
Jimmy Butler Courier Email Jimmy Butler 352-551-8860
Dominic Zawilski Construction Inspector I Email Dominic Zawilski 352-267-6633
Donna Gray-Williams Technical Services Manager Email Donna Gray-Williams 352-253-1642
Shane Strew Recreation Coordinator Email Shane Strew 352-516-4916
Cheri Greer Librarian Technician Email Cheri Greer 352-253-1643
Marcia Robinson Chief Maintenance Supervisor Email Marcia Robinson 352-552-4296
Melving Isaac-Jimenez Engineer II Email Melving Isaac-Jimenez 352-638-3025
Robin Davis Trades Crew Leader Email Robin Davis 352-630-7946
Robert DeMola Trades Crew Leader Email Robert DeMola 352-630-2101
John O'Malley Trades Crew Leader Email John O'Malley 352-638-6602
Brian Ramsundarsingh Chief Maintenance Supervisor Email Brian Ramsundarsingh 352-267-6631
Lonnell Richardson Trades Crew Leader Email Lonnell Richardson 352-638-2136
Jeffrey Wilson Trades Crew Leader Email Jeffrey Wilson 352-516-4282
Terri Pietroburgo Park Ranger Email Terri Pietroburgo 352-253-4950
Justin Pouloit Park Ranger Email Justin Pouloit 352-516-7011
Chasity Ibarra Park Attendant No email address 352-253-4950
Scott Amey Senior Library Assistant Email Scott Amey 352-383-9980
Jonathan Dolce Branch Supervisor Email Jonathan Dolce 352-759-9938
Pam Edwards-Goodson Branch Supervisor Email Pam Edwards-Goodson 352-383-9980
Boyd Bruce Branch Supervisor Email Boyd Bruce 352-563-2275
Margaret Unger Library Assistant / Youth Services Email Margaret Unger 352-759-9913
Michael Springer Library Assistant Email Michael Springer 352-383-9980
Elisa VanCise Library Assistant Email Elisa VanCise 352-759-9913
Elizabeth Steele Library Assistant / Youth Services Email Elizabeth Steele 352-383-9980
Mary Pfeifer Library Assistant I Email Mary Pfeifer 352-536-2275
Adam Boykin Mobile Irrigation Specialist Email Adam Boykin 352-459-4144
Nick Zurasky Mobile Irrigation Specialist Email Nick Zurasky 352-459-6690
Aaron Grimes Mobile Irrigation Technician Email Aaron Grimes 352-459-4144
Sean Tracy Mobile Irrigation Technician Email Sean Tracy 352-459-6690
Daniel Bowden Security Guard No email address 352-357-9692
Donna Grant Office Associate II Email Donna Grant 352-742-6590
John Heffler Senior Maintenance Worker No email address 352-343-4101
James Helms Security Guard No email address 352-357-9692
Sharon McParland Office Associate III Email Sharon McParland 352-357-9692
Larry Nuss Laborer No email address 352-357-9692
Helena Osborne-Ponsi Volunteer Coordinator Email Helena Osborne-Ponsi 352-742-6590
Juanita Popenoe Multi County Fruit Crops Agent Email Juanita Popenoe 352-343-4101 2727
Tom Rose Fairgrounds Aide No email address 352-357-9692
Cole Scharlau Expo Center/Fairgrounds Program Manager Email Cole Scharlau 352-357-9692
Robert Stewart Laborer No email address 352-357-9692
Eli Allison Library Assistant Email Eli Allison 352-536-2275
Mary Brown Library Assistant Email Mary Brown 352-536-2275
Esther Catino Library Assistant / Reference Email Esther Catino 352-536-2275
Dallas Daniels Extension Agent I No email address
Dallas Daniels 4-H Agent Email Dallas Daniels 352-343-4101 2724
Ardena Eiland-Lewis Library Assistant / Youth Services Email Ardena Eiland-Lewis 352-536-2275
Kelly Ellis Trades Crew Leader Email Kelly Ellis 352-267-2226
Anita Ellis Office Associate IV Email Anita Ellis 352-253-4950
Tiffany Enssle Library Assistant Email Tiffany Enssle 352-429-5840
Andrea Gehringer Head of Circulation Email Andrea Gehringer 352-536-2262
Amy Hand Library Assistant Email Amy Hand 352-536-2275
Cindy Harman Library Assistant, Circulation Email Cindy Harman 352-243-1840
Lynda Hogans Administrative Assistant Email Lynda Hogans 352-536-2275
Nicole Hrbek Library Assistant, Circulation Email Nicole Hrbek 352-243-1840
Margaret Jarrell Office Associate V Email Margaret Jarrell 352-343-4101 2719
Robert Kuster Park Attendant No email address 352-253-4950
Megan Mann Livestock/Natural Resources Agent Email Megan Mann 352-343-4101 2728
Kimberly Martin Park Attendant No email address
Brooke Moffis Extension Agent III Email Brooke Moffis 352-343-4101 2713
Ronald Moore Branch Supervisor Email Ronald Moore 352-669-1001
Molly Newcomb Reference Librarian Email Molly Newcomb 352-536-2275
Kathy Oberg Library Assistant, Circulation Email Kathy Oberg 352-243-1840
Lisa Piper Library Assistant / Youth Services Email Lisa Piper 352-536-2275
Elise Rainey Senior Library Assistant Email Elise Rainey 352-669-1001
Maria Ramirez Library Assistant II Email Maria Ramirez 352-429-5840
Jasmin Rangel Library Assistant I No email address
Beth Reichardt Head of Reference Email Beth Reichardt 352-536-2255
John Reynolds Library Page No email address 352-669-1001
Kimberly Roccanti Librarian I No email address
Josie Rodriguez Library Assistant / Youth Service Email Josie Rodriguez 352-243-1840
JuWanda Rowell Office Associate III Email JuWanda Rowell 352-343-4101 2719
Sherry Scheller Library Assistant Email Sherry Scheller 352-669-1001
Janet Schneider Office Associate III Email Janet Schneider 352-343-4101 2722
Mickey Smith Library Assistant / Youth Services Email Mickey Smith 352-429-5840
Colleen Smith Library Technician Email Colleen Smith 352-536-2275
Dennis Smolarek Reference Librarian Email Dennis Smolarek 352-536-2275
Quincy Smoth Park Ranger No email address 352-253-4950
Rachael Smoyak Branch Supervisor Email Rachael Smoyak
Peggy Stassie Library Assistant, Circulation Email Peggy Stassie 352-243-1840
Amy Stultz Head of Youth Services Email Amy Stultz 352-536-2252
Kenneth Sutton Laborer No email address
Aaron Taylor Library Assistant Email Aaron Taylor 352-536-2275
Amy Thompson Library Assistant / Youth Services Email Amy Thompson 352-536-2275
Daniel Velez-Rubio Branch Supervisor Email Daniel Velez-Rubio 352-429-5840
Kathryn Walling Program Specialist No email address
Kaitlyn Wentworth Library Assistant / Youth Services Email Kaitlyn Wentworth 352-536-2275
Mia Wilchcombe Family and Consumer Sciences Agent Email Mia Wilchcombe 352-343-4101 2721
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