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 Royal Trails Flood Study
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The Royal Trails Subdivision is located in northeast Lake County and lies along the northwest of State Road 44. The project is located within the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) and is mostly within the delineated Wekiva River Protection Area boundaries. The approximately 3000+ acre subdivision (~5 square mile project area) has rural style drainage systems comprised of roadside swales, cross-drains, and outfall ditches. The study area has varied topography and numerous lakes, wetlands, and depression areas which make floodplain assessment a challenge. The subdivision boundary extends across several drainage basins and has multiple outfalls. Detailed maps of the project area are provided at links below, (PDF format).

Lake County completed a drainage inventory for the Royal Trails area in 2006. The purpose of the inventory was to identify all known drainage structures and maintenance-related problem areas. The County is now conducting a detailed flood study of the area to prepare for the FEMA map modernization process. It is also the County’s desire to address issues pertaining to the Wekiva Parkway and Protection Act Master Stormwater Management Plan completed in November 2005. This includes evaluating opportunities for water quality improvements and addressing level of service (LOS) deficiencies with drainage infrastructure. The engineering study efforts were performed by Inwood Consulting Engineers, Inc.

This project was completed in March 2010.

Project Site Map
Royal Trails Flood Study Area Map
Project Scope

The work for this engineering study is to be completed in 4 general tasks:

Task 1 – Project Evaluation: This task will evaluate current conditions in the project area. Pertinent drainage data will be collected from various sources. A detailed field assessment will be performed, and recommendations will be made to address specific maintenance needs in the subdivision. Additionally, development regulations will be reviewed and recommendations for improvement may be made where applicable. Issues will be reviewed that may potentially impact water quality as well, including an assessment of the feasibility of stormwater reuse, the potential impact of septic tanks on water quality, and a review of the recommendations of the Wekiva Parkway Protection Act pertaining to stormwater management in the subdivision. This task was completed in October 2008.

Task 2 – Flood Assessment: During this task a hydrological & hydraulic stormwater model will be developed for the subdivision in order to delineate the 100-year frequency floodplains for the project area. In addition, the model will be used to evaluate the level of service of the primary and secondary drainage systems in the subdivision to identify deficiencies. This task was completed in March 2009.

Task 3 – Water Quality Assessment: During this task a water quality model for the project area will be developed to estimate pollutant loads generated from stormwater runoff in the project area. This task was completed in March 2009.

Task 4 – Deficiency Correction Plan: During this task corrective actions for both minor and major drainage facility deficiencies will be conceptualized. Also, Best Management Practices to address water quality concerns will be conceptualized for potential implementation. This task was completed in December 2009.

A general project schedule (PDF format) is linked below.

Public Involvement

There will be three public meetings at various stages of the project as outlined below. At these meetings residents will be able to review exhibits and provide oral and written statements about the drainage related issues at the Royal Trails Subdivision. Letters notifying residents of Royal Trails of the date, time, and location of the Public Meetings will be sent 2-3 weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

Public Meeting Schedule:

  • Public Meeting #1 – Project Initiation, November 8, 2007 at Seminole Springs Elementary School from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  Meeting Minutes and a copy of the slideshow presentation are linked below.
  • Public Meeting #2 – Floodplain Modeling & Water Quality Review, Tuesday March 24, 2009 at Seminole Springs Elementary School from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.
  • Public Meeting #3 – Deficiency Correction Plan Review, Thursday February 11, 2010 at Seminole Springs Elementary School from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

A public comment form (PDF format) is linked below with project contact information.  A general project schedule (PDF format) is also linked below.

Project Documents

Final Project Study Report - March 2010 (ftp download area)

Use the downloadable comment form below to provide input on problems in the study area. 

Maps of the project area and other documents can also be downloaded below:

Public Meeting Documents
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