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 Commercial & Industrial Development Permit Guide
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Commercial and Industrial Development Tutorial

The following tutorial will help guide you through the permitting process for commercial or industrial development.

If you are constructing a commercial or industrial building or adding onto one, you may apply for the Zoning Permit, septic tank permit and building permit online or in person.

Commercial Use
Activities within land areas which are predominantly connected with the sale, rental and distribution of products, or performance of services.

Industrial Use
A use devoted to the manufacture, warehousing, assembly, packaging, processing, fabrication, storage or distribution of goods and materials whether new or used or the substantial refinishing, repair and/or rebuilding of vehicles or boats.

Industrial Use, Light
An Industrial Use engaged in the processing, manufacturing, compounding, assembly, packaging, treatment or fabrication of materials and products, from processed or previously manufactured materials, generally within an enclosed building.

Industrial Use, Heavy
An Industrial Use that has significant potential impacts on the environment or adjacent uses including, but not limited to, noise, vibrations, emissions, hazards and odors, where more than twenty (20) percent of the use takes place outside of an enclosed building or where exterior storage equals or exceeds building floor area.

As you go through the tutorial, answer the questions to the best of your knowledge. The forms you need for the permitting process depend upon the answers you provide. Download the forms as you go or all forms will be listed on the section "SUMMARY" screens.

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A Property Record Card contains information about your property; the alternate key number, legal description, list of structures on the parcel, etc.. You can find a copy of your property record card visiting the web site below:


Enter your name or address and click the Search button and click the View button beside your name in the list. This allows you to view your property record card.

NOTE: Remember, if your property is inside of municipal boundaries, all permitting will go through the municipality, not through Lake County.



Drawn to scale means a specific amount of distance on a drawing equals a specific amount of distance on the subject parcel. i.e. one inch equals 20 feet (1" = 20') For instance, the example of the plot plan you see below is scaled at one inch equals 30 feet (1"=30'). Notice the distance between the dwelling unit and west property line is one inch, or 30 feet.

Scale must be consistent throughout the plot plan.

The plot plan depicts the measurements of all structures, roads, easements, setbacks and property lines as they are in real life.

Download Pot Plan Example



Structures are required to be located at least 50 feet away from all jurisdictional wetland lines, mean high water lines or ordinary high water lines.

The location of all adjacent surface water bodies, wetlands, jurisdiction wetland line or high water line is necessary to confirm the setback requirements are being met.

When wetlands exist on the parcel, the location of the jurisdictional wetland line, mean high water line or the ordinary high water line must be shown on a survey.

A Wetlands Affidavit must be completed and submitted for the issuance of the Zoning Permit.

Download Wetlands Affidavit Form



Below is information and documents that will need to be completed if your parcel is locationed within the 100-year flood zone.

Lake County Flood Facts (PDF)
Flood Zone Determination Request Form
Elevation Certificate
Floodproofing Certificate
Floodplain Construction Authorization Permit



A Notice of Commencement Form notes the intent to begin improvements, the location of the property, description of the work and the amount of bond (if any). It also identifies the property owner, contractor, surety, lender and other pertinent information. Failure to record a Notice of Commencement or incorrect information on the Notice could contribute to your having to pay twice for the same work or materials.

According to Florida law (Florida Statute 713), those who work on your property or provide materials, and are not paid-in-full, have a right to enforce their claim for payment against your property. This claim is known as a construction lien. For more information concerning Florida?s Construction Lien Law, click on the following link: www.myfloridalicense.com

What do I need to do with the Notice of Commencement form once I complete it?
Please take the completed form to the Clerk of the Court Recording Division, have it recorded and obtain a certified copy. You will need to provide a certified copy to the Building Division prior to the first inspection, or you can include the certified copy in the documents you upload during the permitting process. If you would like us to record the Notice of Commencement for you, please mail the completed form and a check in the amount of $16.00 made out to the 'Lake County Board of County Commissioners' to: Lake County Building Division, P.O. Box 7800, Tavares, FL 32778

Download Notice of Commencement form

For more information concerning the recording of this document, please contact the Clerk?s Recording Division at 352-253-2600; the office is located at 122 E. Main Street, Tavares and their website address is: www.lakecountyclerk.org/administrative_services/recording.aspx

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