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 How to Apply for a Lot Line Deviation
Lot Line Deviation Application Tutorial

Purpose and Intent: To reconfigure the property lines between two or more lots of record or legally created lots. The lots to be reconfigured must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Meets all sections of the Land Development Regulations and all requirements of the Lake County Comprehensive Plan, or
  • The lot line deviation would make each lot more compatible to the Land Development Regulations and the Lake County Comprehensive Plan, or
  • The lot line deviation will reconfigure lots that are non-conforming due to setbacks and make them more conforming to the Code.


  • Parcels or lots that are currently recognized as lots of record or legally created lots approved by Lake County may apply for a lot line deviation.
  • Existing access to each lot may not be altered (i.e. an easement may not be added or extended).
  • Only abutting lots of record or abutting legally created lots may be reconfigured.
  • A lot line deviation will not be approved within a platted subdivision when it changes the character of the subdivision or where the lot line deviation increases the density beyond the general nature of the subdivision.
  • The creation of a flag lot is prohibited. A flag lot is a lot with access provided to the bulk of the lot by means of a narrow (less than 50 feet wide) corridor.


A Property Record Card contains information about your property; the alternate key number, legal description, list of structures on the parcel, etc.. You can find a copy of your property record card visiting the web site below:


Enter your name or address and click the Search button and click the View button beside your name in the list. This allows you to view your property record card.

NOTE: Remember, if your property is inside of municipal boundaries, all permitting will go through the municipality, not through Lake County.


Drawn to Scale

Drawn to scale means a specific amount of distance on the map you draw equals a specific amount of distance on the subject parcel. instance, the example of the sketch you see in this guide is scaled at one inch equals 40 feet (1”=40’), if you measure the distance on the plot plan between detached garage and the north property line it is two inches, or 80 feet. The scale has to be consistent throughout the plot plan. The plot plan depicts the measurements of all structures, setbacks and property lines as they are in real life.

Scale must be consistent throughout the sketch.

Download Lot Line Deviation Sketch Example



Structures are required to be located at least 50 feet away from all jurisdictional wetland lines, mean high water lines or ordinary high water lines.

The location of all adjacent surface water bodies, wetlands, jurisdiction wetland line or high water line is necessary to confirm the setback requirements are being met.

When wetlands exist on the parcel, the location of the jurisdictional wetland line, mean high water line or the ordinary high water line must be shown on a survey

A Wetlands Affidavit must be completed and submitted for the issuance of the Zoning Permit.

Download Wetlands Affidavit Form

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