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 Preliminary Plat Application Guide
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Preliminary Plat Application Submission Guide

The first step is to complete a Development Review Staff (DRS) Pre-application Conference or receive written comments for the proposed development. If you haven't already completed the pre-application conference, please see the tutorial on Development Review Staff (DRS) Pre-application Conference.

Once you have attended the DRS meeting, received written comments or choose not to attend because you have sufficient knowledge of the application procedure, you are ready to make application for a preliminary plat.

You can submit your preliminary plat application online or in person. We are located at 315 West Main Street, Tavares on the fifth floor of the Administration Building (Round Building), in the Planning & Community Design Division.



A Property Record Card contains information about your property; the alternate key number, legal description, list of structures on the parcel, etc.. You can find a copy of your property record card visiting the web site below:


Enter your name or address and click the Search button and click the View button beside your name in the list. This allows you to view your property record card.

NOTE: Remember, if your property is inside of municipal boundaries, all permitting will go through the municipality, not through Lake County.


Drawn to Scale

Drawn to scale means a specific amount of distance on the map you draw equals a specific amount of distance on the subject parcel. For instance, the example of the preliminary plat you see in this guide is scaled at one inch equals 100 feet (1"=100'). The preliminary plat depicts the measurements of all structures, setbacks and property lines as they are in real life.

The scale has to be consistent throughout the preliminary plat.


Preliminary Plat

The material which comprises the first "official" submission of a Subdivision scheme to the Commission, and which consists of an application, a draft copy of any restrictive covenants, and the Subdivision design drawings.


A map or drawing depicting the division or Subdivision of Lands into Lots, Blocks, parcels, Tracts, Sites, or other portions thereof, however the same may be designated, and into Roads, avenues, boulevards, and Streets, or other means of Access.



The division or re-division of a parcel of land, whether improved or unimproved, into three (3) or more Lots or parcels of land, including any division of a parcel of land by the construction of a new public street, by a change in an existing public street or by the construction of other public improvements or facilities.


Master Park Plan

Permit for the development of mobile home and recreational vehicle parks meeting all requirements of Section 14.10.00 of the Land Development Regulations.


Planning Unit Development (PUD)

A tract of land which is developed as a unit, and which is planned and developed in a single operation or within a proposed period of time by a series of scheduled development phases according to an officially approved final PUD Development Plan, which does not necessarily correspond to the property development and use regulations of the conventional zoning districts, but which permits flexibility in building siting, mixtures of housing types and land uses, and encourages the utilization of usable open space and the maintenance of significant natural features.


Joint Planning Area (JPA)

If the subject parcel is located within a Joint Planning Area your application and supporting documentation will be sent to the City Planning Division for their review. Their comments will be incorporated into the letter we send you after the reviews are completed.

The purpose and intent of the establishment of Joint Planning Areas between Lake County and the municipalities of the County, is to foster cooperation as stated in the Intergovernmental Coordination Element of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan. Intergovernmental coordination fosters improved governmental efficiency and effectiveness and resolves incompatibilities or conflicts through methods which encourage cooperation, communication and coordination between Lake County and its municipalities, adjacent governments, regional, State and Federal government and quasi-governmental entities in order to establish improved growth management, development activities and natural resource conservation.

View Lake County Adopted Joint Planning Areas Map

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