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 Area Specific Safety Orientation
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Safety is one of Lake County's most important priorities. In order to ensure that all employees are trained on safety requirements for their specific work area, effective October 29, 2007 new employees will receive an Area Specific Safety Orientation Form when they report to the Office of Human Resources & Risk Management on their first day. (Area Specific Safety Orientation for firefighters should be conducted by station personnel, and they are not required to use the form.)

The new employee will be instructed to present the form to their supervisor when returning to their new work area. The supervisor or an assigned instructor will then review the work area's specific safety information with the employee, utilizing the Area Specific Safety Orientation Form. This review can also be used when an employee changes work areas.

Supervisor Responsibilities

The Area Specific Safety Orientation training must be given to an employee entering a new work area during the first week of the new assignment. The supervisor may designate a qualified instructor from the area to provide this training. (A qualified instructor possesses the knowledge about an area's specific safety requirements.)

The training consists of the supervisor or designated instructor reviewing all of the information on the Area Specific Safety Orientation Form with the employee. The supervisor or instructor fills out the form with the employee. The signed completed Area Specific Safety Orientation Form is forwarded to the Office of Human Resources & Risk Management and filed in the employee's personnel file.

The training will include the following area specific safety information:

  • The supervisor is responsible for making sure that the employee receives training on specific safety programs that are required for the employee's position. Examples: Powered Industrial Vehicle, Respiratory Protection, Ladder Safety, Confined Space Entry, and/or Proper Lifting.
  • Some safety programs also require a physical examination. The supervisor is responsible for making sure that the employee receives the required physical examinations. Examples: Respiratory Protection and Powered Industrial Vehicle.
  • Hazard Communication training should consist of information on chemicals that the employee will be working with or exposed too. The training should also consist of information on how to interpret hazardous warning labels and how to locate and understand Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs).
  • The employee will be informed on how to locate and use area safety equipment; such as safety eyewash stations and safety showers.
  • All Employees need to be trained in the procedures for fire alarms in their specific area. This training should include any pre-evacuation actions if required in the area, all egress routes specific to the area, the location of the area's refuge area and any other alarm systems pertaining to the area.
  • Some areas require employees to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for certain job functions. PPE training should include the safety equipment required for the job, how to acquire the PPE, requirements on maintenance, cleaning, and storage of the PPE and instruction on proper donning (put on) and doffing (take off) procedures.

Area Specific Safety Orientation Form

Please contact the Office of Human Resources & Risk Management at 352-343-9596 if there are any questions.

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