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Safety Tip - Safe Stacking
Follow these procedures to prevent stack collapse!
Posted: December 30, 2011
Do you know how to stack loads safely? When stacking loads, such as on pallets, it is important that the stacks do not fall over. This could cause an injury or damage materials.

Follow these basic procedures to help make your stacks stable:
·         Put the heavy items on the bottom of the stack and place lighter objects on top. This seems obvious, but it is also often ignored. The lighter objects will be crushed by the weight of the heavier objects and the stack will begin to lean and eventually fall over if not corrected.
·         Place small loads on top of large loads. Unless the large pallet is perfectly balanced on top of the small pallet, the large pallet will cause the small pallet to lean one way and the stack will eventually fall.
·         Keep the stacks even. Placing an item at a slight angle may cause the load to be off balance and start the stack leaning to the point where it could topple over. Make sure all items in a stack are lined up straight and centered on top of one another.
·         Make sure product is stacked within the confines of the pallet and not sticking out. Objects sticking out of a stack into an aisle could be struck by a forklift, which could cause the stack to fall, or a person walking down an aisle could bump into an item


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