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Reminders for Excellent Customer Service
Posted: February 15, 2013

So how can you put some of those little differences to work for you and your customers?

1. Be different where it counts.

Everybody is talking about "standing out in the customers' minds." That sounds good, but just being different from your competitors isn't going to cut it in today's challenging economy. As Sean Meehan, the author of "Simply Better” writes: "Differentiation matters when and only when it is relevant. Customers want simply better, not simply different."

You see ... if you aren't different where it matters to your customer, your difference is irrelevant and distracting. On the other hand, "focused innovation" is all about making a difference where it counts. So for every difference you are contemplating or trying to implement, keep asking yourself some simple questions: How will this make things better for those we serve? What are we now doing right that is most valued by our customers? Could the time we are investing in serving them now be better invested in doing something more important for their future?

Don't just be different; be different where it counts!

2. Inject the "wow" factor.

It happens every time preparations are being made for a State Dinner at Buckingham Palace or the White House. Every detail ... from the best gold and silver service to the setting ... is intended to "wow" those who are being wined and dined. There's no such thing as "winging it." Everything is planned with precision, and in so doing, each guest is being told that "You are important."

As Australian speaker John Milne puts it, "Precision planning invites success. Precision planning knows what is needed in minute detail. It prepares thoroughly for each interaction, meeting or interview. It equips each person with the skills and attitudes they need to be a top performer."

"Your customers will always, always, always talk about you. You'd better make sure that their talk is positive talk." And it will be if you take the time to think about HOW you can "wow" your customers and then go ahead and do it.

©2013 Reprinted with permission from Dr. Alan Zimmerman, a full-time professional speaker who specializes in attitude, motivation, and leadership programs that pay off. For more information on his programs ... or to receive your own free subscription to the 'Tuesday Tip' ... go to http://www.drzimmerman.com/ or call 800-621-7881.
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