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 Scrub-jay Survey
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The Lake County Office of Parks & Trails is in the beginning stages of conducting a countywide survey of the threatened Florida Scrub-jay.

The public is encouraged to assist in this monumental task by reporting sightings of the Scrub-jay.

Florida Scrub-jay

Scrub-jay identification tips:

  • 11 inches in length
  • Black sturdy bill
  • Grayish “eyebrow” and dark eye line
  • Blue head, rump, wings and tail
  • Gray-brown back
  • Grayish white throat with diffuse streaking and dark lower border
  • Gray-brown under parts
  • Dark legs, may be banded; color-band combinations are unique to each bird
  • The only other large, long-tailed, blue bird within the range of the Florida Scrub-jay is the Blue Jay. The Blue Jay has a crest and white patches in the wings and tail.

Fill out the following web form to report a sighting of the Florida Scrub-jay:

Florida Scrub-jay Sighting
Use the "Go to address" button to determine if the address you entered above can be found on the map. If not, drag-and-drop the marker on the map to the location where you spotted the Scrub-jay.
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