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 Commercial Impact Fee Facts
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Impact Fee Deferral or Waiver
Lake County Code allows for the deferral or waiver of impact fees on some commercial and industrial projects. For more information, please call Development Processing at (352) 343-9855.

Application Review, Approval, and Funding

  • Impact Fee Deferral Applications are submitted to Development Processing.
  • The Agency for Economic Prosperity and the Office of Elevate Lake will review the application and prepare a recommendation for the Board of County Commissioners.
  • Recommendations and Impact Fee Deferral agreements are presented to the Board of County Commissioners for approval and execution.

Credits for Impact Fees
If an individual is building on a property that has had a legally existing structure on it previously, the individual is given credit for the impact fees paid or vested for the previous use. For example, if a property owner demolishes a single-family dwelling and builds a commercial building, the owner will get road and fire impact fee credits for the residential structure against the commercial impact fees for the new building. In addition, if the property owner is converting a single-family dwelling to a business, the owner will get road and fire impact fee credits for the residential use. The new business will be charged at the regular commercial rate per square foot. Any additions to the existing building will be assessed at the business rate from the rate schedule. There is no time limit on when the individual has to rebuild. The paid impact fees run with the land in perpetuity.

In the case of a developer willing to build off-site road improvements or donate land for a new school in exchange for impact fee credits, call Development Processing at (352) 343-9855.

Impact Fee Refunds
Impact fees can be refunded, less a processing fee, upon expiration or cancellation of a building permit, provided the owner of record submits an application for refund within 180 days of the expiration or cancellation.

Exemptions from Impact Fees
Lake County Code, Chapter 22, Impact Fees, section 22-14 lists several exemptions from impact fees. Those applicable to commercial construction are:

  1. Alterations of an existing building where no additional density is created or where the use is not changed.
  2. The construction of accessory buildings or structures.
  3. The replacement of a destroyed or partially destroyed building or structure on the same site with a new building or structure of the same size and use.
  4. County-recognized nonresidential farm buildings.

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