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Minor Lot Splits
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The County can approve a Minor Lot Split of a legally created lot that conforms to the requirements of the Land Development Regulations (LDRs). A Minor Lot Split may not be approved within a platted subdivision when that lot split changes the character of the subdivision, or where the lot split increases the density, beyond the general nature of the subdivision. An applicant for a Minor Lot Split will have six months from the date the application is submitted to the County to finalize the lot split. No extensions are granted. For more information, call (352) 343-9641.

A Minor Lot Split Sufficiency Submittal Checklist provides the information needed on how to apply for a Minor Lot Split, review procedures, standards and final submittal requirements. To apply for a Minor Lot Split, a completed Lot Split Application (attached to the sufficiency submittal checklist) will need to be submitted.

Standard Requirements

All Minor Lot Splits shall conform to the following standards:

  1. Only two lots may be created from the original legally created lot or lot of record. The total number of lots created shall include the original parcel. The original parcel shall be known as the parent parcel and those lots created out of the parent parcel shall not be entitled to another minor lot split.

  2. Each lot shall either (1) front on a publicly maintained paved road and conform to the required minimum lot dimensions for the land use category and zoning district where the lots are located OR (2) contain a minimum of 20 acres with at least one acre of uplands AND front either on a publicly maintained clay road OR an easement meeting the following requirements:

  • Non-exclusive easement for ingress and egress, dedicated to the public for road, utility, and drainage purposes, meet the criteria set forth in LDRs, and accepted by the Lake County Board of County Commissioners. However, a private easement may be permitted if it is determined that there is no need for a future road corridor.

  • Connect to a publicly maintained road.

  • Have a minimum width of 50 feet.

  • Not obligate the County to maintain the easement.

  • Have road name signs installed in accordance with applicable County regulations.

  • Record deed restrictions that require the property owners to maintain the paved private road or easement. Such restrictions must be recorded prior to the recordation of the approved lot split.

  1. If any lot abuts a publicly maintained road that does not conform to the right-of-way specifications provided or adopted by reference in these regulations, the owner may have to dedicate the required right-of-way width necessary to meet with minimum design if satisfying the criteria set forth in the LDRs.

  2. Easements created pursuant to this section shall comply with the Federal Emergency Management Agency regulations and Lake County floodplain management regulations.

  3. Flag lots are prohibited.

  4. All other sections of the LDRs, and requirements of the Comprehensive Plan shall apply.

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