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 Details for Bid Number: 10-0032
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The County may issue changes (addendum) to the solicitation documents. Proposers are responsible for checking this site for any addendum prior to submitting their proposals. Proposals that do not acknowledge the addenda may be rejected. Addendum and another other electronic documents can be found under the "Bid Documents" section. For questions concerning this project, please contact the Contracting Officer listed below by e-mail or telephone.

Bid/RFP Number: 10-0032

Response Deadline: 3/17/2010 3:00:00 PM

Project Title: Rehabilitation of Storm Water Pipes Using the Cured In Place Pipe Method At Four Separate Locations

Status: Awarded (6/23/2010 2:33:46 PM) to:
      Lanzo Lining
      Reynolds Inliner

Department: Procurement Services

Project Description: Project Title and Description: Rehabilitation of storm water pipes by using the Cured in Place Pipe Lining Method located on Rolling Acres Road, Quale Grove Road, and in the Park Place Subdivision. The following is a brief description of the pipe and their location. The Contractor shall make a site visit to insure that they are familiar with all the site conditions. 1. Rolling Acres Road is located in the Town of Lady Lake. The pipes are on the opposite side of the intersection of Oak and Rolling Acres. They start at the catch basin north of the intersection of the entrance to the business and proceed south. There are three (3) pipes at this location: • #1 is 18” X 112’ • #2 is 18” X 146’ • #3 is 24” X 247.9’ 2. Quale Grove Road is located off of CR 439, in Eustis. The pipe is located approximately 500 feet from the intersection of CR 439. There is one pipe at this location which is from the box inlet north to the outfall: • 36” X 55.6’ 3. - 6. Park Place is located off of SR 44B in the Park Place Subdivision. There are four (4) pipes that the Contractor needs to supply a price to complete the work as specified at this location. 3. Location # 1 – 24” X 261’ 4. Location # 2 – 36” X 199’ 5. Location # 3 – 39”/60” X 76’ 6. Location # 4 - 24” X 289’ 7. – 8. Old CR 441 is located in Mount Dora. The pipes are approximately 750’ from the intersection of CR 19/Eudora Avenue. There are two (2) pipes at this location to be lined. 7. Location #1 – 24” X 62.4’ The middle of this pipe is a 24” X 25” box culvert that has 24” round pipe connected on each end. 8. Location #2 – 18” X 111.2’. The sizes stated within this ITB are only estimates and the actual limits of the project shall be the entire length of the pipes. Bidders are encouraged to visit the site to verify lengths. The lengths given are only for informational purposes. The contract derived from this ITB shall be based on a lump sum cost for the entire project no matter how many feet of pipe actually exist. Attachments B are the site data reports that show the condition of the pipes as of 9-10-2008. The contractor shall be well versed, be certified by the manufacturer, and have the proper equipment and experience to install the product so that it shall meet the intent and desired results of a structurally sound and leak free storm water pipe. Bidders shall submit proof of five (5) years experience and a minimum of ten (10) similar type projects. No other type of pipe rehabilitation will be considered as part of this bid.

Preconference: A pre-bid conference will be held on March 9, 2010, 9:00 a.m. in room 235, located at the Lake County Administration Building, 315 West Main Street, 2nd Floor, Tavares, Floor, 32778

Contracting Officer: Susan Dugan

Officer Email: sdugan@lakecountyfl.gov

Officer Phone: (352) 343-9768

Agenda Item Number: 4662    

Special Notes: Examination of Site(s)

Prior to submitting an offer it is advisable that the vendor visit the site(s) of the proposed work and become familiar with any conditions which may in any manner affect the work to be done or affect the equipment, materials and labor required. The vendor is also advised to examine carefully the statement of work and to become thoroughly aware regarding any and all conditions and requirements that may in any manner affect the work to be performed under the contract. No additional allowances will be made because of lack of knowledge of these conditions.

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Bid Documents:

Submitting a Downloaded Bid Request
After downloading and completing the solicitation document(s), submit the original and the required number of copies in a sealed, envelope/package to the Office of Procurement Services. The envelope must include the project number, the closing date, and the proposer's name and address. A proposal submitted by telephone, fax or electronically will not be considered for award. The proposal package must be received and time-stamped in the Office of Procurement Services on or before the closing date and time. When applicable, amendments to this project will also be posted at this site. Refer to the solicitation document for complete instructions.
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